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At Signs By Jake, we can make just about any type of sign you would like. Here are some of the types of signs in our library.

Guide signs

Road signs directing you how to get to where you want to go. In the United States, modern signs are usually green, while older ones were white. In other countries, they can also be blue or yellow. Be sure to check out our collection of freeway guide signs and city street signs as well!

Route markers

A Missouri US-66 route markerMarkers that identify a given route number. The United States has two national types, both in the form of a shield: the red-white-and-blue Interstate marker, and the black-and-white U.S. route marker. Each state, and each Canadian province, also has its own state/provincial route marker, some of which are quite fanciful. And there are some county route markers too.

Some areas with important bridges use route-marker-style signs to mark the routes to bridges. We have several of these bridge markers for sale as well.

Welcome and boundary signs

When you leave one geographic area and enter another, very often the transition is marked with a sign of some sort welcoming you to the new region. Signs welcoming you to each U.S. state are generally quite eye-catching and distinct; they often include imagery that represents the best the state you are entering has to offer. Signs at the borders of smaller jurisdictions, like counties and city limits, are usually, but not always, more understated.

Warning signs

These signs indicate an upcoming hazard a driver may have to contend with, like a curve, slippery pavement conditions, or a lane ending. Often, they communicate hazards with an illustration of the thing to watch out for—which can sometimes get quite unusual.

North American warning signs are yellow and diamond-shaped. European warning signs are triangular, with a red border and either a white or yellow background.

Regulatory signs

These are the signs that tell you that you must do something (or must not do something) when you’re on the road. Stop, yield, and speed limit signs all fall in this category. These signs are often the most standardized, owing to how important it is that motorists recognize them.

In the United States, regulatory signs are rectangular and use a black-and-white color scheme. In Europe, these signs are round and generally have a red border.


Show your pride in your country, state, or city with our flag signs. They’re just as heavy and thick as our other signs, so they won’t wave in the wind, but they make an excellent display piece.

Can’t find what you want?

While we have a library of 1,500+ sign designs, there’s still plenty of signs we haven’t yet touched. If you have a sign you want on your wall but can’t find it, just contact Jake and he’ll be happy to make you a custom design.