Auxiliary banners and plates

Since around 1948, route markers across the United States have nearly always been paired with some sort of auxiliary banner. This normally takes the form of one of the four cardinal directions, indicating the logical (if not actual) direction of travel of the route it appears above.

There also exist a class of minor routes, called supplemental or “bannered” routes. These routes branch off of a parent route and serve as an alternate route throughout a region. Some examples include “business routes”, which pass through the business center of a community and “by-pass” routes that, well, bypass a town. These routes carry the same route markers as the parent route, but with the appropriate banner plate installed above.

We have a wide range of banners and directional auxiliary signs to complement your route markers! With our replica auxiliary signs, you can recreate entire sign assemblies. (Don’t forget the arrows; we can make those too!) Like all our signs, they’re printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. They are non-reflective signs, perfect for ordinary display, indoors or outdoors. Mounting holes are included to make putting together your assembly a breeze!

How to choose the correct auxiliary sign

For maximum historical accuracy, here’s how to choose the correct sign. First, choose the width of banner that matches the width of your sign. Then, choose the correct color:

  • Interstate shields: White on blue
  • 1948 US route shields, most pre-1960 state highway markers: Black on silver
  • 1961 US route shields, most post-1960 state highway markers: Black on white
  • Business Interstates, 1964 green California state highway markers: White on green
  • Wyoming state route markers: Brown on yellow (contact us to place a custom order)
  • Green Vermont state route markers: Green on white (contact us to place a custom order)

Not sure which banner you need? Just contact Jake and let us help you pick the right one! We can also create a banner like this with any text or color scheme, so please do ask if you want something you don’t see here!

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Showing all 5 results