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Whenever two numbered routes junction, or a marked route makes a turn from one road onto another, signage is necessary to help a driver know how to follow the route that will lead them to their destination. In the United States, this is normally done with an arrow sign installed below the route marker. Having the arrow as a separate sign helps make manufacturing and inventory process more simple. A state department of transportation may have thousands of copies these arrow signs, each able to be matched up with hundreds of different route shields. Putting together a junction sign is as simple as making the markers, then installing standard arrow and cardinal direction plates to complete the message.

Our left/right arrow auxiliary sign is made according to the 1970 federal specifications for signs of this type. It looks just like the real thing, because according to the math, it is just like the real thing! Our arrow signs make an excellent complement to any of the route markers in our library dated 1957 or newer (older signs would have used the 1948 arrow sign, which had slightly different dimensions). Put together a whole junction assembly, just like the ones you see on the road!

Our left/right arrow sign is made in the USA, using heavy-duty 14-gauge steel. It is a non-reflective sign, making it a perfect home decor item. But it can also be installed outdoors, and will serve well for years to come, no matter the climate. Installation is easy, too, with mounting holes pre-drilled so all you have to do is hang it up! We offer this sign in three colors: white (for U.S. routes and most state highways), blue (for Interstates), and green (for business Interstates and California state routes). Be sure to pick the correct size for your route marker:

  • 11⅜ in. × 8⅛ in. (for route markers approximately 12 in. wide)
  • 15¾ in. × 11¼ in. (for route markers approximately 16 in. wide)
  • 21 in. × 15 in. (for route markers approximately 24 in. wide)
  • 35 in. × 25 in. (for route markers approximately 36 in. wide)

Need a different style of arrow? Or maybe you’ve got a route marker that needs to be matched with a color besides the ones listed here? Or is there something else you’ve got your mind on that you can’t find on our site? Good news—we do custom orders! Just contact Jake to get started.

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