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Jake Bear

Custom order information

For most road and highway signs that can become a part of our standard catalog, as well as minor alterations to signs already in our catalog (e.g. changing one number or city name to another), there is no additional fee for a custom request. We may require a design fee, in addition to the regular cost of the sign, in cases where a large amount of design work needs to be done on a sign that would be of limited interest to other customers.

We cannot make signs with elements that are copyrighted or trademarked. This includes logos of other businesses, as well as references to fictional places or characters appearing in TV, film, or video games. (This, of course, does not apply if you are the copyright/trademark holder, or are otherwise authorized by the copyright/trademark holder to have us make the sign on your behalf.)

Some artistic styles (especially photographs and paintings) do not work well with our production process. We may decline these requests if we feel we wouldn’t be able to make you a satisfactory product.

Management reserves the right to decline any custom order request for any reason not listed here.