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As traffic in the United States has increased, highway officials have sought to improve the efficiency of the road system. In smaller towns, this sometimes involves building a bypass to take traffic around, rather than through, towns. When this happens, all of the traveler-oriented businesses are, of course, still along the old road, at least at first. To guide travelers from the new road to the existing businesses, the old road will often be designated as a business route. These routes are typically signed with the same route marker as the main road, with an auxiliary sign reading “BUSINESS” above the route marker.

This BUSINESS banner plate is just like those you’ll find on business routes across the country. It can match well with any of our wide selection of route markers. Build an entire sign assembly just like the kind you see on the road! Our auxiliary banners are made to the precise size and layout standards found in the 1948 and 1971 editions of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, so you can be confident your display will look just like the real thing.

Our BUSINESS auxiliary banners are printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. Be assured of a perfect match every time: it has the same glossy, non-reflective finish as all of our other signs. We offer our BUSINESS banner in a range of sizes corresponding to those of our route markers. To make building your sign assembly as easy as possible, we’ve included convenient mounting holes as well. (See our full line of auxiliary signs, plus tips on picking the correct banner, at our auxiliary and banner signs page!)

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