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For most people, Route 66 needs no introduction. But just in case you’re not acquainted the historic Mother Road, US-66 was one of the principal highways of the pre-Interstate era. It stretched from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California. It was the setting of many a book and television show, and thanks to Bobby Troup has even been immortalized in song. Route 66 has become the ultimate lost highway, the road trip that everyone takes…

These Arizona US-66 markers are from a time period in the 1950s and 1960s when Arizona was color-coding its US route markers. This was a practice that was tried out in many states (notably Florida), but Arizona had its unique spin on it. In most states, each route was assigned its own color; markers for a given route would thus only appear in one color. In Arizona, however, a route marker’s color denoted the direction it was heading. There were two colors of US-66 marker: blue for westbound markers and brown for eastbound.

These route markers went through three major design revisions. From 1957 to about 1960, the marker was shield-shaped and included both the words “ARIZONA” and “U.S.” By 1960, the “U.S.” was dropped. Around 1961, the shield shape was changed to white, with a colored square background surrounding it. (This mirrored a similar change to the 1961 federal sign manual.) By the mid-1960s, Arizona ceased making colored markers altogether, adopting the federal standard black-and-white marker.

We’ve brought the Arizona colored US Route 66 markers back to life. We’ve delved into historic photos and specifications to make a replica that looks just like the real ones did. No detail has been spared, from the fonts, to the colors, to the precise shape of the shield. Thanks to the public’s high interest in US-66, any original signs like these would fetch thousands of dollars on the collector’s market. Our replicas allow you to add a bit of Route 66 flair to your garage, den, or office without breaking the bank.

Our Arizona US-66 colored route markers are printed on rugged 14-gauge steel. The non-reflective, high-gloss coating looks great indoors, but is durable enough to take a beating from the elements outdoors as well. These markers will even hold up to the Arizona sun! Choose from sizes ranging from roughly 12 inches square to 36 inches square (due to variations in spec over the years, there is some variation between designs). All sizes include two convenient mounting holes. (Want a colored route marker from one of Arizona’s other routes? Or perhaps another sign from Arizona or elsewhere? We can help! Just contact Jake to place your custom order.)

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1957, 1960, 1961


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