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US Highway 61 originally went from Pigeon River, Minnesota all the way down south to New Orleans, Louisiana. Its course generally runs alongside the Mississippi River, serving the delta region in the southern half of the country. This part of US-61 is very closely associated with the Delta Blues; the genre’s early development happened in various locations along this historic road. Between Memphis and St. Louis, a section of the road crosses northeast Arkansas, serving the cities of West Memphis and Blytheville.

We’ve recreated the Arkansas US-61 route sign according to the exact 1926 state standards; this style of sign was used between then and the late 1940s. It uses the square block fonts typical of that era’s signage. We’ve spared no effort in making sure this sign is a precise duplicate of the original—every detail, from the curves of the shield shape to the exact placement of the text, is just like the real thing!

Our Arkansas US-61 route sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. Its glossy, non-reflective finish is a close match to that of signs in the early days of the automobile. Our signs are made to last for years to come, whether they’re installed indoors or outdoors. We offer this sign in its original size as seen in the field, 16½ in. wide by 16 in. tall. We also offer it in a scaled-down 12-inch height, as well as oversized 24 in. and 36 in. sizes, which were sometimes used in contexts requiring additional visibility. All of the signs we sell include two mounting holes, to make hanging them for display more convenient. (Looking for another Arkansas route sign? Or perhaps one from another state, or a totally different type of sign? We’re constantly making new designs, even custom ones! Just contact Jake to get started.)

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