British Columbia Highway 99 route marker (1960)



British Columbia Route 99 is in the province’s southwest corner of the mainland, where it begins at the border with Washington in the United States. The route serves as a major north-south artery through Vancouver and the surrounding areas. This variant is made to the exact 1960 standard that was the first sign with a colored provincial emblem, but with the black border and numerals before they switched to blue in the 1970s.

For exceptional longevity, our Orange County Line sign is printed on robust 14-gauge steel. It has a high-gloss, non-reflective coating that won’t fade for years, even in the British Columbian climate. Additionally, pre-drilled holes have been included to make posting it quick and easy! Select a size from the following options:

  • 11.25 in. × 13 in.
  • 14 in. × 16.178 in.

We can create a sign like this for any of British Columbia’s many roads! We can also create route markers, directional signs, city limit signs, and other types of road signs. Of course, we can make signs from anywhere in the world; our skills are not only restricted to Canada or British Columbia. Do you need something that isn’t on our website? To place a special order, simply reach out to Jake!

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11 ¼ in. x 13 in., 14 in. x 16.178 in.


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