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Over the years, all levels of American government tried various methods of controlling the speed of traffic on their highways. Among those that have been tried in various jurisdictions across the country include traffic cameras, speed bumps, and, in some cases, no speed control at all. In the early days of the automobile, Fresno County, California was faced with the problem of having a 30 mph (50 km/h) speed limit, but no police officers on staff to enforce it. The Board of Supervisors’ solution was to post this novel sign.

“MOTORISTS ATTENTION!” it reads, in large white letters on a black background. “YOU ARE ON YOUR HONOR. FRESNO COUNTY HAS NO SPEED COPS. DRIVE SO THEY WILL NOT BE NEEDED.” At the bottom is a reminder of the 30-mph speed limit, signed by the Board of Supervisors. The hope was to appeal to drivers’ better natures and slow down of their own accord. If they didn’t, the Board of Supervisors threatened the possibility of more stringent enforcement. We don’t know how well this worked at the time, but it may be assumed from the fact that modern-day Fresno County does have speed cops that it wasn’t terribly effective.

We’ve taken the old Fresno County Has No Speed Cops sign and brought it back to life for your enjoyment. It makes an excellent addition to any garage, bar, man cave, or anywhere else you might want to display your need for speed. We’ve accurately recreated every detail of this sign, from the font to the layout, from historic photographs of the original.

Like all of our signs, this one is printed on heavy-duty 14-gauge steel. It has a glossy, non-reflective finish that looks great indoors, but stands up to the elements outdoors too. We’ve made this sign available in four sizes, from 21 in. × 7 in. all the way up to a colossal 81 in. × 27 in. Each size contains two mounting holes for your convenience. (Need this sign in a size not listed here? Or perhaps you’re looking for another sign from this era? We can help! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.)

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