California Safety Pays (Days Worked Since Last Lost Time Accident) sign



Safety pays, no matter the industry. After all, nobody wants to be injured on the job. Workplace injuries often cost the employer a great deal: the employer’s share of medical costs, increased insurance rates, and difficulties caused by an employee left unable to work for an extended period of time. One staple of American workplace safety culture is tracking the amount of time since the last injury accident. This figure is often prominently displayed somewhere all employees can see it. The theory is that employees will see a long amount of time on the sign and recognize it as a result of their team’s commitment to safety. Employees may fear being the one to break the streak and conduct themselves in a more safety-conscious manner.

The state of California used this particular design of safety sign in certain government departments in the 1970s. Beneath the name of the state, it provides a space to record the number of days since the last lost time accident. Below that, it says “SAFETY PAYS!” in an eye-catching, comic-book-like font. The sign also provides a place to record the date of the most recent accident.

Our replica of this classic California workplace sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It’s durable enough for both indoor and outdoor workplaces. Record accident information by writing on its glossy finish with dry-erase markers; you can also affix magnets to it. It comes in four sizes: 12, 16, 24, and 36 inch square. (We would be happy to customize this sign to fit your needs! We can modify it to include the name, logo, and colors of your organization. Also, we can make it in a size not listed here, to fit your unique needs. Just contact Jake to place your custom order!)

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