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The Bee Line Expressway is the former name for a toll road in Florida. It connects Orlando to the Atlantic coast, and is now known as the Beachline Expressway or State Road 528.  However, for many years, it was named after everyone’s favorite pollinating creature, as it was a straight shot east—a bee line, as it were—from Orlando to the beach. Signage in use from 1967 to the early 1980s depicted an actual bee alongside the words “Bee Line Expressway”.

Our Bee Line Expressway sign is made to the exact 1967 state standard used along the highway. We’ve precisely recreated every aspect of the original sign, including all of the details of the fuzzy little insect depicted on it, as well as the classic road sign fonts. Original signs like this don’t come up on the collector’s market very often. When they do, they often cost many hundreds of dollars. With our replica, you can get the sign you want without the uncertainty and for a fraction of the price.

Our Bee Line Expressway sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It has a glossy, non-reflective coating that makes a wonderful indoor display piece. It can also stand up to both the hot Florida sun and the state’s frequent rains.  We’ve made it available in sizes ranging from 12 in. × 10 in. all the way up to 30 in. × 36 in. All sizes include two pre-drilled mounting holes to make installation simple. (Looking for this sign in a different size? Or perhaps another classic Florida sign? We love custom orders! Just contact Jake to get started.)

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