Florida I-95 Exit 2D, I-395, Port Miami, Miami Beach freeway guide sign



Interstate 395 is a short stretch of Interstate highway in downtown Miami. It connects I-95 to the Port Miami tunnel and to FL-A1A toward Miami Beach. Port Miami is the largest cruise ship terminal in the world, as well as a major cargo terminal. Miami Beach, meanwhile, is a major resort destination located on a barrier island east of Miami proper. All of I-395 is also part of FL-836, which also connects downtown Miami with its western suburbs.

Relive your vacations to Miami Beach, or your past cruises that departed from Miami, with our recreation of I-395’s exit from I-95 southbound. It’s drawn according to exact specifications for freeway signs in the United States. Every detail, from the cruise ship emblem to the exact font used for the lettering, has been recreated precisely. Show your love for these two unique destinations by adding this sign to your bar, man cave, garage, or any room needing a dose of South Florida charm.

Our I-395, Port Miami, Miami Beach sign is printed on heavy 14-gauge steel for durability. Its non-reflective glossy finish is strong enough to last for years, inside or outside. Choose the size that works best for you; we’ve made it available in sizes from 12 inches square up to 36 inches square. For convenience in mounting, we’ve included two pre-drilled mounting holes. (Are you looking for a different size of this sign? Or perhaps a sign from a highway near your home? Contact Jake today! He will be happy to help you get started on your custom order!)


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