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Interstate 70 crosses the entire state of Kansas, from west to east. It enters the state from Colorado, from there crossing the plains of western Kansas en route to the more populated eastern half of the state. It links Kansas’s capitol, Topeka, as well as the state’s two largest universities, in Lawrence and Manhattan, to the Kansas City metropolitan area. Between Topeka and Kansas City, Interstate 70 is also part of the Kansas Turnpike, the state’s only toll road. In Kansas City, on average, over 80,000 vehicles used the highway each day in 2021. The Kansas Speedway, the Sunflower State’s only NASCAR track, is located near I-70’s interchange with US 73 and K-7 on the outskirts of Kansas City.

Our replica Kansas Interstate 70 highway marker follows the precise 1957 standards as laid down by the federal government. This is the specification in use during the first ten years or so of the Interstate System’s existence. With each passing year, it becomes harder and hard to find original signs in this style in the field. Although you can often find them on collector’s market, they normally go for a fairly steep price. We make our replicas using the same layout rules and fonts the highway department did back in the 1950s and 1960s. Our recreated route maker lets you truly step back in time to the dawn of the Interstate era, at a just fraction of the price of an original.

Our Kansas Interstate 70 marker is printed on heavy 14-gauge steel right here in the USA. Its glossy, non-reflective finish makes it a splendid addition to the decor of any room in the house. Don’t hesitate to install it outdoors, either. It can withstand the elements on the plains year-round, from spring thunderstorms to summer heat to winter blizzards. You can get this sign in both the standard 24 in. and 36 in. oversize versions found in the field. We also offer more economical 12 in. and 18 in. versions for those wanting to economize on space or cost. No matter which size you choose, we’ll include two mounting holes for easy installation. (We’d be happy to make you an Interstate sign in another size, or one from elsewhere in the country! We love custom orders! Just contact Jake today to get started.)

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