California–Nevada–Utah CSAA Lincoln Highway marker



The Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental route from east to west. A group of Indiana automotive entrepreneurs came up with the plan in 1913. It was completed to a drivable state approximately a year later. Over time, the highway gradually improved as it was paved and realigned onto shorter routes. For many years, the Lincoln Highway led the way in road quality improvement, especially out west. The United States Numbered Highway System of 1926 rendered the idea of the highway as a discrete entity obsolete. The road itself was subsumed into several numbered routes, chiefly US-30.

In its heyday, the Lincoln Highway bore distinctive red-white-and-blue signs, with a large letter L. The California State Automobile Association (CSAA) was one many organizations to post such signs. Despite their name, the CSAA also posted signs in Nevada, and even as far east as Utah, expending many resources to help wayfarers find the correct route across some pretty forbidding landscapes. These signs have gradually disappeared from service over the years; it is unlikely that there are any left not in the hands of private collectors.

We’ve recreated the classic Lincoln Highway marker to the exact standards CSAA used between 1916 and 1928 along this historic highway. No effort was spared in precisely duplicating the fonts and layout of this classic sign. Originals of this type of sign do exist; finding one that isn’t shot abysmally full of holes would require lots of time and resources, however. Once you do, there’s no guarantee that the owner would be willing to part with it, though it’s pretty much guaranteed to cost a pretty penny if they do! With our replica, you can have a marker just like those from before the dawn of numbered highways, without the hassle and expense.

Our Lincoln Highway marker is flat printed on sturdy 14-gauge steel. Its durable coating is able to withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions, allowing it to remain in service for years to come. The original markers were 12 in. × 20 in., but you can also choose one of three other sizes, from 9 in. × 15 in. up to 27 in. × 45 in. All sizes include two mounting holes for your convenience.

Looking for this sign in a size not listed here? How about another Lincoln Highway sign, or a sign from another route of this era? We can help with all of those! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order!

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