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Bayonne is a city in northern New Jersey’s Hudson County, right across the Kill van Kull from Staten Island, New York. Its location at the tip of the peninsula separating Newark Bay from New York Bay makes it a vital player in the logistical and transportation industries. By road, it can be accessed from the New Jersey Turnpike’s Newark Bay Extension, which carries Interstate 78. Exit 14A is the turnpike’s exit to Route 440 in Bayonne.

As the operators of one of the first high-speed roadways in the country, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority had to develop an appropriate system of signage for all of its exits from scratch. The style they came up with emphasized the exit number with very large digits, and also included a unique wavy arrow that was only ever used on the Turnpike. With the construction of the Interstate System, national standards for freeway signage began to take hold, but all through the 20th century the New Jersey Turnpike continued to use its own idiosyncratic signs. In the 2010s, however, federal guidelines finally caught up with them, and the signs were all replaced with standard ones much like those used everywhere else in the United States.

Our New Jersey Turnpike Exit 14A, Bayonne sign is a precise replica of the sign that once hung over the approach to Exit 14A, until sometime between 2013 and 2018. It is made according to photos of the original sign, with the arrow drawn up from a set of New Jersey Turnpike blueprints. The result is a sign that looks just like the real thing, but scaled down from its enormous real-life size to something far more suitable for household display.

Our New Jersey Turnpike Exit 14A, Bayonne sign is printed on heavy-duty 14-gauge steel, right here in America. The rugged steel combined with its glossy, non-reflective finish makes for excellent durability. You can even install it outdoors without worrying about the elements! To make it even easier to enjoy, we’ve also included pre-drilled mounting holes. Choose one of the following sizes:

  • 19¼ in. × 7 in.
  • 27½ in. × 10 in.
  • 41¼ in. × 15 in.

We can make a sign like this for any exit from the New Jersey Turnpike. Looking for something different? We also do city limit signs, directional signs, route markers, or any other type of road sign, from New Jersey or elsewhere. Don’t worry if you don’t see it on our website, we can still do it! Just contact Jake to place a custom order, and we’ll start working on the sign of your dreams!

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