North Carolina Highway 12 marker



The Outer Banks are a series of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. This chain of islands is famous for its fishing and also the site of the Wright Brothers’ first flight in 1903. Since 1964, the islands have been connected by North Carolina Highway 12, the famous Outer Banks Highway. Prior to that, the NC 12 number was used to designate a route further inland which later became portions of US 258 and NC 58.

The state of North Carolina has marked both iterations of NC 12 with a distinctive white diamond marker. We made our North Carolina Highway 12 marker to the exact standards used between 1926 and 1950 along this historic highway. The sign is printed so that the outer border of the sign panel follows the outer border of the design. Above the number is the distinctive interlocking “NC” monogram identifying it as a North Carolina highway. The sign is flat printed on heavy steel, with completely accurate layout and fonts. It is a non-reflective sign, perfect for indoor or outdoor display.

Want a sign with a different route number, or in an older or newer design? How about in a different size? We can of course make any of those! Just contact Jake to get started customizing your sign.

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13 ⅝ inch sides


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