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State Route 39 crosses three-quarters of the state of Ohio, from west to east. Much of its extent is only two lanes, serving the small towns dotting central and east-central Ohio. However, it does have some segments with enough traffic to justify four lanes; it even expands to a freeway near East Liverpool. The highway ends at the Pennsylvania line, about 150 road miles away from its other end.

Our Ohio State Route 39 marker is a precise match to the signs used along this highway throughout the 1950s. This design was in use for only ten years, starting in 1952. It features the number and state name on a panel formed in the shape of Ohio. Our sign accurately replicates the Ohio outline and the fonts used on the original. Finding an original Ohio State Route 39 marker like this one is quite the task. Since they were in service for only a short time, the remaining examples are likely to carry high prices on the private collectors’ market—if one even turns up, that is! Our replica route marker lets you skip the uncertainty and save money. It fits well with any collection of Midwestern transportation memorabilia or mid-century-themed home decor!

Our sign is flat printed on 14-gauge steel. Two convenient mounting holes are included. Durable enough to withstand the elements outside, its non-reflective design also makes it perfect for display inside. We’ve made it available in two sizes: 11 13/16 in. × 9 3/4 in., as well as the original 15 3/4 in. × 16 7/16 size. (Looking for a marker like this in a different size, or with another number? Any sign in our library can be customized to your needs! To get started, just contact Jake.)

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11.8125 in. × 9.25 in., 15.75 in. × 16.4375 in.

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