Ohio Welcomes You state line sign (1965)



From approximately 1965 until the mid-1980s, Ohio marked the state lines along their highways using a rectangular red-white-and-blue sign. In a white geometric font was the word “OHIO”, with red shading. Below that was “Welcomes You” in white cursive text. All of this appeared on a blue background. This style of sign most frequently appeared along ordinary two-lane roads entering the state. (Interstates and other freeways used a slightly more elaborate design that also included the outline of Ohio.)

Our replica of the 1965 Ohio Welcomes You sign brings this classic sign back to life. It has been painstakingly recreated from photos of these historic signs taken while they were still in the field. Every detail of this sign is just like the original—even the most seasoned collectors won’t be able to tell the difference! It makes a great addition to any space needing a little touch of Buckeye State flavor.

Our Ohio Welcomes You sign is a flat-printed and non-reflective sign. Its heavy 14-gauge steel and glossy coating will stand up to even the harshest Ohio winters, while still looking great indoors as well. We’ve scaled it down from its colossal original dimensions to a range of more manageable sizes. Pick the size that best meets your needs, from 16 in. × 8 in., all the way up to 72 in. × 36 in. (If you would like this sign in a size not listed here, or a completely different sign from Ohio or elsewhere, let’s talk! Custom orders are no problem for us!)

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