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King’s Highway 401 is a major freeway in Ontario. It’s a part of the province’s main freeway network, which is made up of highways all numbered in the 400s. Highway 401 is the spine of the network, extending from Windsor, just across the river from Detroit in the United States, all the way to the Québec border, where it continues as Autoroute 20 toward Montréal. Along the way, it passes right through Toronto. An average of 420,000 vehicles use the road in Toronto each day, making it the busiest highway in North America, busier even than the freeways of Los Angeles.

Despite the freeway’s impressive status, signs along the route are the same as any other highway in Ontario. Our King’s Highway 401 sign is an accurate replica of those that were used from approximately 1960 to 1993, when the words “The King’s Highway” were removed from the shields. Using existing signs in private collections as reference, we’ve made every detail faithful to the originals. Any collector would agree it’s just like the real thing!

Our King’s Highway 401 sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. With a glossy, non-reflective coating that weatherproofs it, you can install this sign indoors or outdoors, and rest assured it will continue to look great, even through a harsh Canadian winter.  Convenient mounting holes are included to ensure installation will be easy, no matter where you choose to hang it up. Take your pick from the following sizes:

  • 9 in. × 14¼ in.
  • 12 in. × 19 in.
  • 18 in. × 28½ in.
  • 24 in. × 38 in.

We can make signs like this in any other size, too, and with any number! We can also make signs from other provinces and American states. And not just route markers! Welcome signs, directional signs, warning signs—just about anything that’s been put up by the road department! Don’t see it on our site? Just place a custom order! All you have to do to get started is contact Jake.

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