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Before the United States had a numbered highway system, the country was criss-crossed by a number of privately-maintained roads called auto trails. From Northern California all the way to central Kansas, the California State Automobile Association provided signage along these roads. CSAA’s distinct blue-on-yellow diamond-shaped signs could be found all over the north half of the state in the early days of the automobile. CSAA continued to maintain signage in Northern California until the 1940s, when the state government took over the task.

This Rockport, Westport, Fort Bragg sign is a replica of one of the many signs CSAA posted in the 1920s. It was posted along what is now State Route 1, but was then called the Coast Road, at its junction with the Branscomb Road. It follows the CSAA’s 1919 specification, with a sharp-cornered diamond blank (later standards specified rounded corners, to prevent injury during installation or a collision). The similarly diamond-shaped California State Auto Association logo appears in the bottom point of the sign. The whereabouts of the original sign our replica is based off of are unknown. It may well have been destroyed by a flood—or simply melted down for scrap. Whatever the case, our replica lets you bring this classic sign back to life and hold history in your hands.

Our Rockport, Westport, Fort Bragg sign is flat printed in the United States on heavy 14-gauge steel. Its finish features great gloss and durability, and is nearly indistinguishable from the original’s porcelain enamel finish. Much like the original, this sign will last for years, even exposed to the elements. We’ve included mounting holes to make installation easy. We’ve made this sign available in the following sizes:

  • 11-inch sides (about 18 in. across from point to point and 14 in. high)
  • 18½-inch sides (about 29 in. across from point to point and 23 in. high)

Know of another classic CSAA sign you’d like a replica of? How about one from the Automobile Club of Southern California, covering the southern half of the state? Maybe you’d like a more modern design, or one from elsewhere in the world? We can help with all those requests! It’s easy to place a custom order—just contact Jake to get started!

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