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Mission Street is an important street in San Francisco. It cuts diagonally across the peninsula, starting in Daly City in San Mateo County and proceeding northeast from there. The street is named after Mission Dolores, the oldest surviving structure in San Francisco. The southern part of Mission Street was originally part of the seventeeth-century El Camino Real, a road connecting Mission Dolores to others further south across California. Later on, Mission Street was upgraded to a plank road, with a toll charged of one dollar for a team of four horses.

Bring home a little piece of Mission Street with our replica of the iconic signage located along this historic street. We’ve made it according to the simple yet recognizable 1965 municipal street sign standards. This style was the last to use all capital letters in the standard road sign fonts. Signs such as this still stand along Mission Street, but they are quickly being replaced by the mixed-case 2009 style. This sign includes the block number 3100, but we’d be happy to customize it, at your request.

Our Mission Street sign is printed on heavy 14-gauge steel right here in the USA. We’ve made it available in three sizes: that of the original signs in the field, 36 in. by 12 in., and our two conveniently scaled-down versions, 30 in. by 10 in. or 21 in. by 7 in. Single- and double-sided signs are both available. The two-sided model is just like the originals, with a complementary legend on each side so both arrows point in the same direction. All versions of this sign include a set of convenient mounting holes for easy hanging.

If you’re looking for a sign from a different San Francisco street… Or maybe a different block number… Or the newer 2009 or old 1946 style… Or an entirely different sign… We can help! Just contact Jake to place your custom order today!

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