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Cole Street is a north-south street in San Francisco. It is a primarily residential street, lined with many homes dating back to the Victorian period. Cole Street begins at a dead end on Tank Hill, just south of Carmel Street. From there, it heads north into the Cole Valley neighborhood, the smallest official neighborhood in San Francisco, of course named for Cole Street. It runs out at Oak Street, its path interrupted by The Panhandle park. It picks back up on the other side of the park at Fell Street. From there, it runs three blocks north to Fulton Street, at the University of San Francisco, where it ends. All in all, Cole Street runs a total of about a mile.

We made our replica Cole Street sign according to the current standards for San Francisco street signs. This style is the first to use both upper- and lowercase letters, in accordance with the 2009 federal rules requiring mixed-case signage.  Our sign carries the block number 900; this is the location of the intersection with Carl Street is located, in the heart of Cole Valley.

Our Cole Street sign is printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It has a durable, non-reflective finish that will serve you well whether displayed indoors or outdoors. We offer these signs in three sizes: the 36-in.-by-12-in. size of the original signs as installed on the streets of San Francisco, or for those needing to economize on space or cost, our 30 in. × 10 or 21 in. × 7 in. versions. We also make both single- and double-sided signs. Each side of the double-sided sign is printed with a complementary legend; both arrows point in the same direction, just like the originals. We’ve also included mounting holes, for easy installation.

We’d be happy to make a sign like this for any street and block number in San Francisco! We can also make the older 1965- and 1946-style signs as well! Of course, we can make street name signs for any city, not just San Francisco. Just contact Jake to place your custom order!

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21 in. × 7 in., 30 in. × 10 in., 36 in. × 12 in.


Right arrow (single sided), Left arrow (single sided), Double Sided


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