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Rockabilly is one of the earliest forms of rock and roll music. A fusion of rhythm & blues and country music, rockabilly became popular in America in the mid-1950s. Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley are just two of the early rockabilly artists popular in its heyday. While listeners mostly turned to new forms of rock in the 1960s, rockabilly music influenced practically every type of rock that came after it, and has maintained a small but devoted following to this day.

In recognition of rockabilly artists’ substantial contributions to music, the legislatures of Tennessee and Mississippi designated their sections of US Route 45 as the Rockabilly Highway. Much of the genre’s early development took place in the towns along the US-45 corridor. US-45 thus occupies a place in rockabilly history much like US-61 does for the blues.

We’ve replicated one of the many signs found along the Rockabilly Highway and made it available to you. This particular design is based on the Mississippi standard for this type of sign; Tennessee signs are similar. Every detail is just like the Mississippi original; down to the fonts and the spacing. It makes a great addition to any bar, man cave, or any other space where you might enjoy some classic rockabilly music!

Our Rockabilly Highway sign is flat printed on solid 14-gauge steel. Its non-retroreflective finish looks great indoors, while being durable enough to withstand the elements as well. Choose from one of four sizes, from 17½ in. × 7 in. all the way up to a massive 80 in. × 32 in. Each size contains two convenient mounting holes for easy installation. (Looking for this sign in another size? Or a sign like this for another historic highway? Custom orders are no problem for us! Just contact Jake to get started!)


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