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Avenida Revolución (Spanish for, as you might guess, Revolution Avenue) is a major street in downtown Tijuana, Mexico. The street first came to prominence during Prohibition in the United States. Americans from nearby San Francisco would cross the border to consume legal alcohol in the many bars along Revolución. After Prohibition ended, it continued to cater to tourists. To this day, it remains a hot spot of Tijuana’s nightlife, hosting many of the city’s bars and restaurants. It was at a restaurant along Avenida Revolución that the Caesar salad was invented.

Add a little bit of Tijuana flavor to your bar, garage, or man cave with our replica Avenida Revolución street sign. We’ve accurately reproduced every last detail of these signs from photos. The sign features the name of the street, REVOLUCION (with no accent), in all-caps Series D, an American road sign font that appears in Mexico from time to time, including in Tijuana. In the corners of the sign are the road type, block number, postal code, and area of town (“zona centro”, i.e. “central zone” or downtown).

Our Avenida Revolución sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. Its glossy, non-reflective finish is suitable for display indoors or outdoors. Two convenient mounting holes are included in the design. Choose between 25 in. × 5 in. and 30 in. × 6 in. sizes. Both sizes can be printed one-sided (choose left or right block number arrow), ideal for hanging on a wall, or a two-sided version for independent display.

Looking for a sign for a different street, either from elsewhere in Tijuana, or one closer to home? We’d be happy to help! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.

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