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State Route 12 winds its way through a fairly unpopulated portion of south-central Utah. Despite its remoteness, though, there’s a lot to see along its nearly 125-mile-long route. It passes through two national forests (Dixie and Fishlake), Bryce Canyon National Park, and a Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. SR-12 is not for the faint of heart, though. One portion of it, called The Hogsback, is perched atop a ridge with steep dropoffs on either side. The lack of shoulders and guardrails along this section’s hairpin turns can be quite anxiety-inducing; drivers are advised to leave the sightseeing for their passengers! In recognition of all it has to offer, the FHWA designated SR-12 an All-American Road, the highest classification in the country’s scenic byway system. Only 31 highways in the entire country bear this designation.

Despite its uniqueness, the signs for State Route 12 are just like the signs you’ll see along every Utah state highway. They feature a beehive, a traditional symbol of the state of Utah and the Mormon faith practiced there. Inside the white beehive is the number 12, in black.

We’ve recreated the State Route 12 marker to the exact standards used by the state of Utah since the 1960s. Every detail, from the shape of the beehive to the fonts used, has been faithfully replicated from the signs used along this scenic byway. Our replica makes a great addition to a bar, man cave, garage, or any other space needing a touch of flavor from the great American West.

Our State Route 12 marker is flat-printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. The printing process we use results in a non-reflective sign that is durable enough to withstand the elements, but looks great indoors as well. We’ve made it available in sizes from 12 inches square all the way up to 36 inches square. (For comparison, most signs you’ll find along the road are 24 inches square.) Two pre-drilled holes for easy mounting are included.

Are you looking for a version of this sign in another size? Or perhaps a shield just like this with another number? Or even a route from a different state? We’re happy to put together a custom design that fits your unique needs. Just ask Jake to get started!

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