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Just about every account of the Wright Brothers’ first heavier-than-air flight correctly notes that it took place in North Carolina. What often goes unstated is that the Wright Brothers were not natives of North Carolina, nor did they do most of their work there. In fact, the Wright Brothers were based in Dayton, Ohio. They did most of the research and design work there. The Wright Flyer itself was built in Dayton and shipped to North Carolina for final assembly. In honor of the Wright Brothers and their contributions to aviation, the “Welcome to Dayton” signs included an image of the Wright Flyer for many years. Below that is the slogan “Birthplace of Aviation”.

Our replica of the Welcome to Dayton, Birthplace of Aviation sign is made using photos of the original sign. Every detail, from the layout, to the font used (the classic FHWA Series E road sign font) to the details of the Wright Flyer graphic, is just like the original. Our replica is the closest you can get to having the real thing! It’s a perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor space that could use a touch of aviation flair or Ohio charm.

Our Welcome to Dayton, Birthplace of Aviation sign is printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. Its glossy, non-reflective coating holds up well indoors or outdoors. We offer this sign in its original size of 42 in. × 30 in. We also offer scaled down versions as small as 14 in. × 10 in., as well as a larger 63 in. × 45 in. version. Every size includes two convenient mounting holes. (Need a size not listed here? Or a different city limit sign, from Ohio or another state? Or something else entirely? We’ll customize any sign in our library to fit your needs! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.)

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