California (ACSC) Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol sign



In the days before the state government posted its own road signage in Southern California, the Auto Club of Southern California (ACSC) took on those responsibilities. One example is this Police, Sheriff, California Highway Patrol guide sign. It was made to the exact standards ACSC used from 1934 until 1936.

This sign pointed the way from famous Route 66 to nearby police, sheriff, and California Highway Patrol offices in downtown San Bernardino. The original of this guide sign would cost many thousands of dollars—if it ever came to market! The original is located in the Route 66 museum in San Bernardino. They are, of course, unlikely to part with it any time soon. But our recreation of this sign is an exact duplicate of the real thing. We made it with the correct fonts and the logo of the Automobile Club of Southern California. Not even a seasoned collector will be able to tell the difference! This sign comes in its original, correct size of 24 × 18 inches, a scaled down version of 20 × 15 inches, and a larger version at 36 × 27 inches.

This is a high quality, heavy steel sign. It is non-reflective, just like the original. We’ve included two mounting holes in the design, for your convenience. (Want a sign like this with a different set of destinations? Inquire about custom orders!)

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12 in. × 9 in., 20 in. × 15 in., 24 in. × 18 in., 36 in. × 27 in.

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