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The state of Alabama welcomed visitors with the “Y’all Come” style of welcome sign between about 1955 and the mid-1960s. This design featured the word “ALABAMA” in large, heroic letters across the middle of the sign. Below that are the words “Y’ALL COME” on either side of the state seal. In the lower left corner of the sign is a city skyline.

We brought the Alabama Y’all Come welcome sign back to life for your modern-day enjoyment. Every detail of our replica is just like the original: the fonts, the artwork, all of it. Signs like this one probably didn’t survive for long after they were taken out of service; they were too dang large to keep around for very long. That means you’re not likely to bump into one on the collector’s market. Our scaled-down replica is practically the only way to get ahold of this one.

Our Alabama Y’all Come welcome sign is printed on solid 14-gauge steel. The coating on it’s glossy but non-reflective, and it’s tough enough to take a beating outdoors. But don’t worry, it’ll still look great indoors too. You can pick your size, from 21 in. × 7 in. all the way up to a massive 81 in. × 27 in. Every one we sell has two pre-drilled holes to make hanging it up easier. (Looking for another sign, from Alabama or elsewhere? Give Jake a holler and we’ll get started on your custom order.)

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