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Interstate 359 is a short freeway spur linking Interstate 59 to downtown Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Though the route is not even three miles long, it is a critical part of the city’s transportation system, allowing easy access to the city for travelers coming from Birmingham or Meridian, Mississippi .

Our Alabama Interstate 359 route sign is an exact replica made to the 1961 standards for Interstate highway signage. This style was the first American highway sign use a wider shield blank for three-digit route numbers—before this, the same size sign was used for all highways, but with narrower numbers for three-digit routes. We’ve drawn this sign with every detail exactly matching the spec: the size and font of the text, the distance between all of the elements, even the curves making up the edges of the shield. No other sign vendor is as accurate as Signs by Jake!

Our Alabama Interstate 359 marker is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. With a glossy, non-reflective finish, it will fit in well with the decor of any room. You can install it outdoors too, thanks to its ability to easily withstand the elements. Mounting holes are included to make installation easy. Take your pick from the following sizes:

  • 12.6 in. × 10.8 in.
  • 21 in. × 18 in.
  • 28 in. × 24 in. (the actual size used on side streets approaching the freeway)
  • 42 in. × 36 in. (the actual size found on the freeway mainline)

Looking for an Interstate shield with a different number or state name? Or perhaps a different type of highway marker? We can help! Just contact Jake to place a custom order!

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