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The 405. The name alone is enough to strike fear into the heart of seasoned Angelenos, thanks to its legendarily bad traffic. In fact, with an average of 377,000 vehicles using the road each day, it’s the busiest highway in the entire United States. Yet there’s no denying that this freeway (the San Diego Freeway) is a key artery in the heart of the Los Angeles area. So important it is to the city that a temporary complete closure to remove a bridge over the highway was termed “Carmageddon”, in anticipation of the havoc the highway’s closure might wreak. Fortunately, everyone got the message and avoided the area, and the impact of the project was, mercifully, fairly minimal.

Show your status as a veteran of the 405’s traffic with our replica California Interstate 405 route sign. To create this sign, we followed the exact standards used in 1961 for signs of this type. The California Highway Patrol knows the road well enough to be familiar with the exact spot where every 405 sign is supposed to be. That spot, of course, is not in the trunk of your car, nor on the wall of your garage, office, basement, or man cave. With our faithful replica, you can get the display piece you want, free and clear from any sort of legal repercussions.

Our California Interstate 405 marker is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It has a glossy, non-reflective finish that makes a handsome addition to any room’s decor. It can also serve for years outdoors, even in beautiful sunny Southern California. Take your pick from four sizes, from our scaled-down 12.6 in. × 10.8 in. and 21 in. × 18 in sizes, to the 28 in. × 24 in. and 42 in. × 36 in. sizes originals are made in. Each size includes two convenient mounting holes for easy installation. (These aren’t your only options—we do custom orders, too! We can make this sign in any size you want. We can also make a sign like this for any Interstate freeway, in California or any other state! And we can make just about any other road sign you can think of! Get started by contacting Jake today!)


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