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Interstate 95 is among the most important highways in the state of Florida. It begins in the Miami area and runs up the Atlantic coast to Jacksonville, and then on into Georgia. Interstate 95 brings thousands of tourists and part-time snowbird residents from the northeast to Florida every day. It’s a major contributor to the state’s economy.

Our Florida Interstate 95 route sign is made to the exact 1957 standard, as was used at the inception of the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System. The 1957 design was replaced by the modern shield style—with larger digits and often without the state name—in 1971. The original-style Interstate markers have become increasingly rare in many states. We’ve made ours with a completely accurate layout and fonts, so it looks just like those actually posted on the road in the ’50s and ’60s! Our faithful replicas allow you to step back in time to the early days of the Interstate System, without breaking the bank or the hassle of tracking down an original sign on the collector’s market.

Our Florida Interstate 95 sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It is non-reflective, with a glossy coating that will withstand rain and sun for years to come. We’ve also included mounting holes to make installation a breeze.  with completely accurate layout and fonts. It comes in the following sizes:

  • 12 in. × 12 in. (for the decorator with a space or financial budget)
  • 18 in. × 18 in. (as was posted in some low-speed contexts back in the day)
  • 24 in. × 24 in. (the smallest size used in the modern standards)
  • 36 in. × 36 in. (used in the field when extra emphasis or visibility is required)

If you would like a different size, or an Interstate shield with a different number or state name, we can certainly make one! We can also make just about every other kind of road sign you might be able to think of, including directional and mileage signs, classic US and state route signs, and more! Just contact Jake to place your custom order.

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