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Interstate 5 runs the entire length of the state of California, from the Mexican border south of San Diego to the Oregon line north of Yreka. Interstate 5 basically serves as the “main street” of California, replacing US 99, which once served that purpose. It passes through Southern California’s biggest cities, including those of Orange County and Los Angeles. From there it connects Southern California with the Central Valley and the state capital, Sacramento. Additional connections in that region allow travelers to also access the San Francisco area. Continuing north to Oregon, it passes nearby Mount Shasta, one of the largest mountains in the Cascade range.

Our replica California Interstate 5 route sign is made to the exact 1957 federal standards. This is the style of sign that was in use during the very early days of the Eisenhower Interstate System. In California, a variant of this design is still in use to the present day. However, the exact 1950s design is harder and hard to find on the roads of California than the more modern equivalents. With our replica, you can step back in time to the golden era of California automobilia without a time machine!

Our California Interstate 5 sign is flat printed on durable 14-gauge steel. Its glossy, non-reflective finish perfect for everyday display, and can be installed indoors or outdoors. For maximum accuracy, we offer the two sizes used on the actual highways of America, 24 inches square and 36 inches square. For those on a space or financial budget, we also offer scaled down 12-inch and 18-inch versions. All four sizes come with two pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

We can, of course, make these Interstate signs with any state and route number combination of your choice! We can also make classic mileage, directional, and city limit signs from bygone eras, too. And if you simply want this sign in a size not listed here, please ask, we can certainly make one! Just contact Jake to place your custom order.

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