Pennsylvania Interstate 81 highway marker



Interstate 81 crosses the east half of the state of Pennsylvania, running diagonally from southwest to northeast. Along the way, it passes through several mid-sized cities, including Scranton, Chambersburg, and the state capital, Harrisburg.

Our replica Pennsylvania Interstate 81 route sign is made to the exact 1957 federal standards. This is the version dating to the origins of the Eisenhower interstate highway system. The modern shield style, often omitting the state name, supplanted this design in 1971. With each passing year, it gets harder and harder to find the original-style Interstate markers. In many states, there are none left. With our replica, though, you can step back in time to the glory days of Interstate construction in Pennsylvania!

Our Pennsylvania Interstate 81 sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. This sign is non-reflective, making it a less obtrusive addition to the decor of any space than an original sign would be. Install it indoors or outdoors, with full confidence it will serve you well for years to come. We can make it in a range of sizes to fit your specific design needs! Choose from the 24-inch and 36-inch sizes seen on the roads of Pennsylvania, or our scaled-down 18-inch and 12-inch sizes for more convenient indoor display.

Looking for a sign like this for a different Interstate highway? We can make these signs with any combination of state and route number! And of course, we can also make state and US route markers for any state, from any era. We can also make these signs in any size you like, even if it’s not one of our standard sizes. It’s easy to get started—all you have to do is contact Jake!

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