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Interstate 17 is a freeway in the state of Arizona. It runs north-south, straight up the middle of the state, connecting the cities of Phoenix and Flagstaff. While Arizona has a reputation as a flat, featureless desert, the I-17 corridor is anything but. Over its 145 miles (235 km), it gains over a mile (1.6 km) of elevation! As the interstate climbs into northern Arizona’s high country, drivers can see many of the surrounding “red beds”. These dramatic rust-colored rock formations are composed of the sandstone, siltstone, and shale making up the Colorado Plateau.

Relive your journeys along this fantastic Interstate highway with our replica Arizona Interstate 17 route sign. It follows the exact 1957 standards that were in use at the beginning of the Eisenhower interstate highway system. This style of sign was phased out starting in 1971. (Modern signs have larger numbers and often omit the state name.) It gets harder and harder every year to find the 1957-style Interstate route markers in the wild. With our replica, you can revisit the good old days of America’s Interstate era, while avoid the hassles and cost of the collector’s market.

Our Arizona Interstate 17 marker is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It is non-reflective, allowing it to pair well with the decor of any room, be it a bar, garage, man cave, or any other room needing a touch of Arizona flavor. Our signs can stand up to the elements outdoors as well, even the harsh sun of the Arizona desert. We offer this sign in both the standard 24-inch-square standard size, as well as the 36-inch oversize style found where extra visibility is needed. For those on a space or financial budget, we also offer scaled-down 18-inch and 12-inch sizes. Regardless of the size, we’ve added two mounting holes for your convenience. (If you need a sign for a different Interstate or state… Or a size of this sign not listed here… Or even an entirely different style or type of sign… We can help! Custom orders are always welcome! Just contact Jake today to get started!)

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