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America’s northernmost state has plenty of natural beauty, almost anywhere you look. However, the state government has declared sixteen of its roads in particular as featuring particularly noteworthy views. These roads are the Alaska Scenic Byways. They stretch from the western reaches of the Aleutian Islands, to the southeastern Alaska panhandle, and all the way to the Arctic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay. These highways are marked with a distinctive scenic byway marker. It depicts red fireweed flowers, a native Alaska wildflower species, in front of a backdrop of snowy mountain peaks.

You don’t have to make the trip to Alaska to see a Alaska Scenic Byway sign. We’ve recreated it on heavy, 14-gauge steel for your enjoyment in far warmer climes. We’ve made it to the exact Alaska DOT&PF standard, with completely accurate layout and fonts. You can get it in sizes from 12 inches tall all the way up to 30 inches tall. Every size includes two mounting holes for your convenience. As a non-reflective sign, it’s perfect for everyday display, indoors or outdoors. (Want this sign in a different size? Or maybe one for a scenic byway closer to home? We love custom orders—please inquire!)

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