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In many of the western states, Interstate 40 was built by directly upgrading US Route 66 to a freeway. This was true in Arizona as well, and most of the highway within the state was built this way. However, there were a few sections of highway that were bypassed because I-40 was built with a more direct course. One such segment was the section between Kingman and Seligman. It made sense to keep the old highway active here, since unlike I-40, it served the towns of Valentine and Peach Springs, as well the Hualapai Indian Reservation. However, after the Interstate bypassed it, US-66 was stricken from the national rolls. To replace the old Route 66 highway designation, Arizona created a state route designation, also with the number 66. These signs are what you’ll find along the bypassed section today.

Our Arizona State Route 66 sign replica follows to the exact standards Arizona DOT has used on this highway since its inception. Rather than the shield shape of the original US-66 markers, this one features a stylized map of the state of Arizona, with the Colorado border replaced with a straight line. You can sometimes find markers like on the collector’s market. However, they are normally quite expensive, thanks to their association with the Mother Road. With our replica, you can get the sign you want without paying an arm and a leg for an original sign.

Our Arizona State Route 66 marker is flat printed in the USA on heavy 14-gauge steel. Its glossy outer coating will stand up to years of exposure to the harsh desert sun. It also makes an attractive home decor piece in any room in the house, thanks to its non-retroreflective finish. Don’t worry about installation: we’ve included pre-drilled mounting holes to make it easy! Take your pick from the following sizes:

  • 12 inches square (for those on a monetary or space budget)
  • 16 inches square (scaled down to match the size of classic pre-Interstate US-66 signs)
  • 24 inches square (the actual size of most of the markers installed along Arizona 66 today)
  • 36 inches square (the size you would find along freeways or other places extra visibility is needed)

Want this sign with a different number? Or in a different size? Perhaps you’re looking for one of the older styles of Arizona route marker? Or an Interstate or US route marker? Maybe there’s a directional, distance, welcome, or warning sign you’re thinking of? Can’t find it on our website? Just contact Jake to place a custom order!

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