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US Route 666, an infamous route with a number to match, began innocently enough as the 6th spur of The Mother Road, Route 66. However, due to the biblical connotations of the number 666 and the high crash rate experienced on the road, it quickly became known as “The Devil’s Highway”. Skeptics point out that the high crash rate was due to the difficult terrain the route crossed, as well as the condition of the road surface itself, rather than the route number. Nevertheless, the signs in each of the Four Corners states it spanned became a target for high rates of sign theft. When Route 66 was eventually decommissioned, road officials gave up the ghost on “The Devil’s Highway” too in 2003. It is now US Route 491, and has a much better chance of the signs keeping their posts as a result.

Our recreation of the Arizona US Route 666 sign has been painstakingly recreated to the exact 1926 federal standard. This particular sign was only used for a few years in this state, as Arizona’s section of the route was only created in 1942, and the federal standard had changed by 1948. Because of that, and the high rate of sign theft, there are very few copies of this sign left that haven’t been obtained by less-than-legal means. So here is your opportunity to have one of your very own, for a much lower price and without the hassle of the collector’s market or the risk of legal trouble.

Our Arizona US Route 666 sign is flat printed on high quality, heavy 14-gauge steel, with exactingly accurate layout and fonts. We offer it in several sizes for your convenience and display needs: the original 16½ inches by 16 inches, or rescaled to a smaller 12 inch size, or the larger 24 and 36 inch versions that were used in certain states and road conditions during this time. Regardless of which you choose, rest assured that you will receive a high quality sign made of heavy steel that can withstand any type of weather conditions you throw at it; feel free to display it anywhere you like. We make all our signs with unsurpassed quality, right here in the good old US of A. If you’d like this sign with a different number, or a size other than the four we’ve listed, contact Jake to place a custom order today!

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12⅜ in. × 12 in., 16½ in. × 16 in., 24¾ in. × 24 in., 37⅛ in. × 36 in.


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