Arkansas Highway 47 route marker (1961)



Arkansas Highway 47 is a highway that hasn’t existed for some time. When it did, it was eighteen miles long, running northeast out of Rogers to the Missouri state line. The majority of its route was renumbered to US 62 in 1930. That left just a stub north of Gateway as the last vestige of Highway 47. The road stayed in this state, just over a half-mile (1 km) long, until 1976. That year, it became Highway 37, to match the number of the highway it connect to in Missouri. After that, Highway 47 was no more.

Step back in time to the 1970s with our replica of the 1961-style Arkansas Highway 47 sign. This style was the last one to be “cut out” in the shape of Arkansas. The word “ARKANSAS” appeared at the top of the sign, with a divider bar just below it, and the route number in the main body of the state shape. The 1961 series is the only cutout Arkansas marker that used the modern highway fonts in use today. Because of the route’s short length, you are extremely unlikely to come across an original; it’s pretty likely none still exist. It’s likely to cost you a small fortune if you find one. Get the exact sign you’re looking for, while avoiding the perils of the collector’s market, with one of our faithful replicas.

Our Arkansas Highway 47 sign is American-made, flat printed on sturdy 14-gauge steel. Its finish is glossy and non-reflective, making it an excellent display piece suitable for installation indoors or outdoors. We make this sign in four sizes to meet your specific decor needs. For maximum historical accuracy, choose the 16 in. × 14 in. size. If you’re constrained on either space or budget, you’ll like our economy 12 in. × 10½ in. version. We have scaled-up 24 in. × 21 in. and 36 in. × 31½ in. versions for those really looking to make a statement. No matter what, your sign will come with two pre-drilled mounting holes that makes installation a breeze. (Want this sign with a different number? Or made in the style of another era? Or even another state’s route signs from the 1960s? We can do all of those! Just contact Jake to place your custom order.)

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