Florida state line sign (1959)



Starting in 1959, Florida began marking the entrances to the state with this sign. It featured the words “Welcome to” in script with “FLORIDA” underneath in the standard Series D Modified road sign font. A red map of Florida appeared to the right of the text. Across the bottom was a brown banner noting this as the Florida State Line.  Up for sale today is this Florida state line sign. Signs of this style were in service into the 1960s, and maybe the 1970s here and there.

We’ve recreated the 1959 Florida state line sign for the enjoyment of modern-day sign connoisseurs. Every detail of this sign, from the fonts used to the layout and the exact map of Florida, is just like the historic sign. As far as we know, all original copies of this sign have been destroyed. Our replica lets you bring it back from the dead and add it to your bar, garage, man cave, or anywhere else needing a dash of mid-century Florida flavor.

Our 1959 Florida state line sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel, right here in the USA. Its glossy, non-reflective coating makes it a great addition to your home decor. It’s also designed to stand up to the elements, be they the Florida sun or the state’s famous summer thunderstorms. We’ve made it available in your choice of sizes: 15 in. × 10 in., 21 in. × 14 in., 30 in. × 20 in., and 45 in. × 30 in. All four sizes include two convenient mounting holes. (Looking for another style of Florida state line sign? Or another type of Florida sign? Perhaps a sign from another state? Or just this sign in a size not listed here? We can customize any sign in our library to fit your needs! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.)

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