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When the automobile was brand new to the roads of California, the state had not yet taken on the responsibility of providing signage directing motorists to their destinations. The void was instead filled by private organizations. In Northern California, the California State Auto Association (CSAA) assumed these duties. Among the many signs CSAA posted was one along the Big Tree Route, showing the direction and distance to Bear Valley, Arnold, and Angels Camp. The Big Tree Route was the original name of what became State Route 4 in 1934. The three destinations on the sign are all along the highway on the west side of Ebbetts Pass.

We’ve brought this classic directional sign back to life for your enjoyment in the modern day. Our replica Bear Valley, Arnold, and Angels Camp directional sign is made to the 1919 specifications used by the CSAA. It includes the diamond-shaped logo at the bottom of the sign (as well as the association name at the sides) and with sharp corners. With our replica, you can hold a piece of California history in your hands…at a fraction of the price of an original.

Our Bear Valley, Arnold, and Angels Camp directional sign is flat printed on 14-gauge steel. Its high-gloss finish is a perfect match to the porcelain of the original sign. It’s also durable enough to last for years, indoors or out. We offer it in two different sizes. One replicates the original dimensions, 18½ inches on a side (approximately 29 inches across the long axis, and 23 up and down the short axis). We also have a scaled-down version for those conscious of both budget and space: approximately 18 inches across and 14 inches high.

We’d be happy to make you a CSAA-style sign with any set of destinations of your choice. We can also make you one from Southern California, where the Automobile Club of Southern California posted its signs. Get started on your custom order today by contacting Jake.

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