Nevada State Route 375 Extraterrestrial Highway sign



Out in the middle of the Nevada desert lies a salt flat called Groom Lake. It’s home to a mysterious Air Force installation known to the general public as Area 51. Eventually, the base’s ultra-secretive nature led to wild conspiracy theories about what, exactly, might be going on there. Among the most popular of these is that it may be the site of research on extraterrestrial beings. The closest settlement to Area 51, the tiny town of Rachel, has happily embraced this theory. Businesses in Rachel cater directly to tourists who hope to spot a UFO near Area 51. In recognition of this, Nevada DOT has designated the local state highway, State Route 375, as the Extraterrestrial Highway. Over the years, NDOT has posted several different signs along the route noting the highway’s name.

Our Extraterrestrial Highway sign is an exact replica of the most recent signage design used along the highway. It features the highway’s name and route marker in a thematically-appropriate font. In the lower-right of the sign is the F-117 Blackbird, a stealth bomber that made its maiden flight at Area 51 in 1981.

This version of the sign is non-reflective, and makes a great display piece, indoors or outdoors. Bring a little bit of alien life and Area 51 mystery to your garage, man cave, or den! We’ve made it available in five sizes, from 20 × 7½ inches all the way up to the original size of 8 × 3 feet! If you’d like a version of this sign in a size not listed here, just phone home to Jake, and he’ll be happy to customize it to your needs.

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20 × 7½ in., 29¼ × 11 in., 32 × 12 in., 48 × 18 in., 96 × 36 in.


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