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In the early days of the motor vehicle, the Automobile Club of Southern California (ACSC) installed directional signage throughout Southern California. While most of the club’s signage guided motorists to cities, towns, and other notable geographical entities, it also pointed them toward destinations of more local importance. One such sign directed travelers to the Los Angeles County Sheriff Office.  Like all of ACSC’s early signage, it was on a diamond-shaped piece of steel, with porcelain enamel paint. It had block lettering in blue, with a white background. In the sign’s bottom point was the club’s bell logo, surrounded by the words “AUTO. CLUB SO. CAL.”

Our L.A. County Sheriff Office sign is a precise replica of the sign created and installed by ACSC. We’ve ensured that every detail is entirely true to the original sign, using photographs as reference. The original would likely cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if it ever came up for sale—and who knows when that might happen. With our replica, you can save money and skip the uncertainty, while still getting an excellent display piece.

Our replica L.A. County Sheriff Office ACSC directional sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It has a smooth, glossy finish that is a close match to the porcelain enamel of the original sign. Like porcelain enamel, it’s durable enough to remain in service for years, even under the Southern California sun. To make installation simple, mounting holes are included in the design. Choose from one of these three sizes:

  • a scaled-down 12-inch-square version (about 17 inches up and down between the points)
  • the actual-size 18-inch-square version (about 25½ inches up and down between the points)
  • an oversized 20-inch-square version (about 28 inches up and down between the points)

We can make signs in the ACSC style with any set of destinations you can dream of! We can also make them in sizes other than the three shown here. Got another road sign in mind you want? No problem!  We can make route markers, directional signs, warning signs, welcome signs and more, from anywhere in the world! Don’t see what you’re looking for on our site? Custom orders are welcome! Just contact Jake to get started!

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