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In 1984, the Olympics was scheduled to return to Los Angeles after a 52-year absence. At the time it was selected to host the games, California was using a plain, all-text welcome sign at the entrances to the state. Faced with the prospect of soon welcoming thousands of visitors from around the world, the state government soon set about installing a more visually-interesting replacement. The 1983 California poppy welcome sign is among the most iconic state welcome signs in the United States. It depicts the state flower alongside the text “Welcome to California” in a script font. The golden color of the poppy and text, along with the blue background of the sign, represent the state colors of California.

Now, we’ve made the famous California poppy welcome sign available for your enjoyment at home. Using photographs and the official blueprints as designed in 1983, we’ve made our replica a precise duplicate of the original sign. Every detail, from the fonts to the layout, is just like the genuine article. It’ll catch the eye of even the most seasoned collectors. Meanwhile, it’ll save you the hassles of dealing the collector’s market (or more legally-dubious means of acquiring a road sign).

Our California poppy sign is a high quality, heavy steel replica made in the USA. It is flat printed with a finish durable enough to stand up to the elements of the great outdoors. Choose from one of five sizes, from 15 in. by 10 in. all the way up to 42 in. by 28 in. Don’t worry about how to hang it up—we’ve included convenient pre-drilled mounting holes.

Looking for a state line sign from another state, or perhaps another design from California’s past? Or perhaps you’d like this sign in another size? Or even some other, completely different kind of sign? We can help! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.

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