California (ACSC) Coast Route US 101 Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles mileage sign



In the early days of the automobile, the government of California did not post road signs. That was the responsibility of the Auto Club of Southern California (ACSC) in the southern half of the state. One of the many signs ACSC posted was this mileage sign along the Coast Route, which later became US-101. It was posted in Goleta, going southbound (actually, eastbound at this point). It lists the distances to Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles. The ACSC logo appears at the bottom of the sign.

The whereabouts of the original of this sign are unknown; it may no longer exist. If it does, it would doubtlessly command a price of many thousands of dollars on the collector’s market. That’s why we’ve brought it back to life for your enjoyment. In making this replica, we’ve followed the exact standards ACSC used throughout the 1920s. Every detail is just like the original, including the fonts and the layout.

Our replica is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. Its glossy, non-reflective finish is indistinguishable from the porcelain finish of the original. While sturdy enough to withstand the elements outdoors, it also looks great indoors. We’ve made it available in sizes of 12 inches square (about 17 inches up and down between the points) and 18 inches square (about 25½ inches up and down between the points). All sizes include two mounting holes. (Looking for a size not listed here? Or perhaps a sign like this for a different set of destinations? Custom orders are no problem for us! Just contact Jake to get started.)

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