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Route 66 is probably the most famous highway in the entire United States. US-66, the historic Mother Road, was one of the country’s most important highways before the Interstate System was built. Route 66 began in Chicago, Illinois and went all the way to Los Angeles, California. The road quickly gained a unique place in American pop culture. Books and television shows used US-66 as their setting. It was even the subject of the hit song “Route 66”. Despite the elimination of the US-66 designation in the 1980s, the highway’s popularity never diminished. To this day, travelers come from across the country—and even from overseas!—to retrace the route of this storied road.

The westernmost state that Route 66 passed through was California. Over the years, the Golden State used several different styles of route marker along the historic road. The Automobile Club of Southern California (ACSC) installed the earliest style of markers, between 1928 and about 1934. By 1949, the Department of Public Works, Division of Highways had taken over responsibility for California’s road signs. Their markers used mostly the same layout as ACSC’s did, but with rounded 6’s replacing the block digits on the earlier issue. By 1956, CDOH had greatly simplified the route marker, allowing for larger numbers that were more easily read at the higher speeds of the time.

We’ve brought the California US Route 66 marker back to life, in the wide array of styles used in the first thirty years of the highway’s existence. We offer the original 1928 ACSC block font version (complete with the ornate blue logo that was only used for the first six years of production) and both the 1949 and 1956 CDOH issues. These route markers are the most accurate replica California Route 66 markers on the market. Other vendors may sell them for cheaper, but the quality of our signs is unsurpassed. Every detail has been painstakingly researched, producing a sign that is utterly indistinguishable from what you would have really found on the road during Route 66’s heyday.

Our replica Route 66 markers are proudly made in the USA out of 14-gauge steel. The glossy, non-reflective finish is a perfect match to the porcelain coating of historic California road signage. Choose from sizes ranging from 12 inches tall all the way up to a massive 36 inches tall. Each size and style of sign includes two mounting holes, for your convenience. (Looking for a route marker like this for one of California’s other US routes? Or perhaps a replica of the directional signage that once stood along Route 66? Or maybe Route 66 signage from another state? Anything you would like, we can help with! Just contact Jake to get started on your custom order.)

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