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Interstate 70 crosses the entire width of Colorado, from west to east. It connects Denver to Utah in the west and Kansas in the east. Because the western half of this route crosses the Rocky Mountains, Colorado’s section of I-70 is one of the gems of the Interstate System. The impressiveness of the engineering feats required to bring an Interstate through the mountains is only bested by that of the commanding views the highway provides. Nowhere is this more evident than in Glenwood Canyon. Here, the highway passes through a 1,300-ft.(400-m)-deep canyon on a viaduct above the Colorado River. Further east, the Eisenhower and Johnson tunnels carry Interstate 70 under the Continental Divide. At an elevation of 11,158 feet (3,401 m), and a length of over 1½ mi. (2.4 km) long, these tunnels are both the highest point and the longest mountain tunnels on the entire Eisenhower Interstate System.

This replica Colorado Interstate 70 highway marker is made to the exact 1957 standards for signs of this type. This style is that was in use along the Interstate System during the first decade or so of its operation. Signs of this type are harder and harder to find in service. Many of them have made it to the collector’s market, where they fetch a rather substantial premium. Our replicas are made with the same fonts and according to the same blueprints as the signs installed along Interstate 70 were. Step back in time to the early days of Interstate construction, at a fraction of the price of an original, with our replica.

Our Colorado Interstate 70 marker is made out of heavy 14-gauge steel. It features a glossy, non-reflective finish that makes a handsome addition to any room’s decor. It’s also durable enough to withstand the elements outdoors, from the summer sun on the plains in Limon or Burlington to the alpine winters of Vail and Grand Junction. We offer both the standard 24 in. and 36 in. oversize versions as found in the field, as well as smaller 12 in. and 18 in. versions for more economical display. All sizes include two convenient mounting holes. (If you’re looking for this sign in another size, or an Interstate shield from elsewhere in the country, we can help! Custom orders are our specialty! Just contact Jake to get started today.)

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