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US Route 50 crosses the state of Colorado from west to east. Although many US routes have been superseded by Interstate equivalents, US 50 is still a critical part of Colorado’s transportation infrastructure. This is mostly due to the more southerly route it takes than Colorado’s main east-west Interstate, Interstate 70. The rugged terrain US 50 traverses is a factor too. US 50 connects the two largest cities in Western Colorado, Grand Junction and Montrose. From Montrose, it heads east to Monarch Pass, where it crosses the Continental Divide. It continues on out of the mountains, passing through Pueblo and Lamar before exiting the state into Kansas.

Our Colorado US Route 50 sign is made to the exact federal standards of 1926, which were used by the state of Colorado between 1928 and 1948. We’ve used the original specification documents to create this sign, ensuring that every single detail is just like the original. Even the fonts are the classic block fonts that were in use during the era. With our replica, you can own a historically-accurate display piece at just a fraction of the cost of an original sign.

Our Colorado US Route 50 sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel, right here in the United States. It is non-reflective, with a glossy finish much like the porcelain signs that were common in the West in the early days of the automobile. It is durable enough to withstand the elements, even in the Rockies, making it a an excellent piece of indoor or outdoor home decor. To make displaying it even easier, we’ve included convenient mounting holes in the design. Pick one of the following sizes:

  • 12⅜ in. × 12 in. (a small-size version for the decorator on a budget)
  • 16½ in. × 16 in. (the size used on the roads of Colorado until approximately 1961)
  • 24¾ in. × 24 in. (the size of present-day US route markers)
  • 36⅛ in. × 36 in. (a modern-day size used in cases where extra visibility is necessary, like important junctions on high-speed roads)

You can customize this route marker with any state name and route number! We can also make the newer 1948- and 1961-style signs, as well as state and Interstate route markers. And if you’ve got a directional, warning, or welcome sign you might like to have, we can make that too! It’s easy to get started on your custom order. Just contact Jake and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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