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US Route 1A is an alternate route off of US 1 in Rhode Island. While US 1 serves downtown Providence and Pawtucket, US 1A bypasses them. US 1A provides a longer, but less congested, route through the area than does US 1. From 1946 to 1971, US 1A was marked with red shields in this distinctive design. It was part of a scheme that sought to distinguish between Rhode Island’s US routes by marking them in their own distinctive colors. Both US 1 and US 1A were assigned red. This sort of undermined the effectiveness of the scheme, but so it goes.

We’ve precisely recreated the 1946 Rhode Island US Route 1A route sign to the exact standard used by the state. The fonts and layout are entirely accurate to those the state of Rhode Island used during this time frame. Thanks to their rarity, signs like these are usually quite expensive on the collector’s market. Now you can own a piece of Rhode Island transportation history without paying a premium.

Our Rhode Island US Route 1A sign is flat-printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It’s durable enough for both indoor and outdoor display, for years to come.  We’ve made it available in the original size: 16½ inches by 16 inches. We’ve also rescaled it down to a smaller 12-inch-tall display size, as well as the larger 24 and 36 inch versions that some states used in certain contexts. All sizes include two convenient mounting holes. (Need a sign with a different number/color combination, or in a size not listed here? Place a custom order today by contacting Jake!)

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12⅜ in. × 12 in., 16½ in. × 16 in., 24¾ in. × 24 in., 37⅛ in. × 36 in.

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