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Craig County, Oklahoma, tucked up in the far northeastern corner of the state, may not be known for much. It’s along the border with Kansas and not too far from Missouri. For most travelers, its most notable feature is the junction between US Highway 69 and Interstate 44, near the former speed trap town of Big Cabin. But it holds one dubious honor—along the southern Craig County line was once the worst road sign ever made.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) posted this Craig County boundary sign along US-69 where it crossed the county line from Mayes County sometime in the late 2000s. For some reason it was fabricated with a mishmash of letters from various fonts and cases. As an added affront to good taste, the text is not remotely centered. To top it all off, ODOT seems to have realized far too late that the sign blank was not tall enough to accommodate the descender of the lowercase y, so it was left just kind of floating above the baseline like a balloon in some sort of parade celebrating terrible design and engineering judgement.

For reasons no doubt having to do with fine medicinal products legal in Oklahoma but not always elsewhere, we’ve precisely recreated this abomination to automobilia and made it available for purchase. If this doesn’t confirm your deepest misgivings about the nature of capitalism, nothing will. The original of this sign was mercifully melted down in 2018 after at least 11 years(!) of service. Now you can cause us to bring it back to life and inflict it on mankind once again. (We haven’t told Joe, the guy who runs the big sign printer, about this one yet. As you click the Add to Cart button, just imagine the look that’s going to be on his face.)

Our replica of this monument to Oklahoma government incompetence is printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It is a non-reflective sign, guaranteeing that at least part of the day it won’t be visible. It’s durable enough to be displayed indoors or outdoors, although don’t blame us if you put it outside and your neighbors start complaining to the city that it’s an eyesore. You can get it in sizes from 16 in. × 8 in. all the way up to 72 in. × 36 in.

Have a better taste in signs than the person who made this? Good! If this wasn’t proof enough that we can and will make just about anything…we can and will make just about anything! Just contact Jake to place a custom order.

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16 in. × 8 in., 24 in. × 12 in., 36 in. × 18 in., 48 in. × 24 in., 72 in. × 36 in.

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