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The Glacier Trail, previously named the Rainbow Highway, was a historic auto trail that ran from St. Louis, Missouri to Glacier National Park in Montana. It passed through Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana, a distance of 1,846 miles (2,971 km). Starting in the early 1920s, the trail was signed with a round red, white, and green sign with the image of a mountain goat. The Glacier Trail Association had planned to extend the trail in both directions, to Seattle in the west to Florida in the east. The U.S. route system was being developed during this time period, making it unlikely that signage was ever actually posted along the extended path.

Our Glacier Trail route marker is a precise replica of the original signage that was found along this classic auto trail. It’s flat printed on sturdy 14-gauge steel, with a glossy finish similar to the porcelain enamel often used on signs of the era. Every detail of the sign, including the mountain goat and the block text surrounding it, have all been drawn to match the original as closely as possible. Tracking down an original of this design for sale would be difficult, and once you did it would surely cost you many hundreds of dollars. With our faithful replica, you can get an excellent display piece without breaking the bank.

Our Glacier Trail route marker is made in the United States, to the highest standards of quality. Like the original, it is a non-reflective sign. It is durable enough to be installed either indoors or outdoors. We have made it available in the following sizes:

  • 12 in. diameter
  • 16 in. diameter
  • 24 in. diameter
  • 36 in. diameter

If you’d like a different size, don’t hesitate to inquire! And if you’d like any other sort of sign, be it a route marker, a distance, mileage or direction sign, or even a state welcome sign, from any state or any era…we can do it all! Just contact Jake to place a custom order.

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